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Kris Vervaeke

’98 objects found in my mother-in-law’s basement’

In this ongoing project Kris Vervaeke photographs objects found in people’s basements. A surprising collection of prosthetic devices, dysfunctional tools, tooth brushes, 20-year-old cans of food, old toaster, decapitated toys, to a single shoe.  Through these kept items a portrait emerges,  everyday objects as a capsule of time of society. 

Ordinary objects, survivors, the smallest elements of society, the most basic things, remnants of social aspiration and technological development, the undercurrents of an era. Seemingly irrational, the safeguarding of things, almost absurd,  and yet we all somehow share an emotional connection, nostalgia, as we evolve further into our throwaway society and into our extended digital selves. 

’98 objects found in my mother-in-law’s-basement’ offers an almost forensic photographic record of human activity.   By isolating the objects away from the basement and its clutter, they regain a unique individual value. Repurposed on stage, they become the stuff of thought,  protagonists of a million new stories. Claude Lévi-Strauss is validated: ’Objects are what matter. Only they carry the evidence that throughout the centuries, something really happened among human beings

It started in the basement of his mother-in-law and grew to 450 objects from over 20 basements (at various locations in Belgium) so far.


instagram: @krisverv

Rotterdam Photo

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