Invited photographers

Rotterdam Photo 2024, located at Keilewerf (Vierhavenstraat 56 Rotterdam), celebrates the wide spectrum of photography as it presents itself in our contemporary image culture. We will transform this district into the one-stop hub for photography fans from the 1st to the 4th of February, 2024. Come to see works of invited photographers!


Frederik Heyman


Lament” is the first act of Heymans’s new autobiographical body of work, Post-Human Considerations.

Six mechanically induced women narrate the digital installation through the use of a newly composed lament. A guiding light fixed to their support apparatus accompanies the mourning, seemingly blind women in a fixed grid and endless loop around their own graves, unable to access free will. A manifestation of the mother figure, chanting boisterously into the infinate void. The heads are indivertible and connected to the system that amplifies their suffering and regret. A posthuman reflection on identity and loss, a human emotion confined to the parameters of human nature.

Frederik Heyman – Lament

Bill Viola and USC Game Innovation Lab

The Night Journey (2007–2018)

Video Game

The Night Journey is a collaboration between renowned media artist Bill Viola and designers at the USC Game Innovation Lab, which uses both game and video techniques to tell the universal story of an individual’s journey towards enlightenment. 

The game takes place in a mysterious landscape on which darkness is falling. There is no one path to take, no single goal to achieve, but the player’s actions will reflect on themselves and the world, transforming and changing them both. If they are able, they may slow down time itself and forestall the fall of darkness. If not, there is always another chance; the darkness will bring dreams that enlighten future journeys.

After being exhibited as an art installation around the world for the past decade, this foundational videogame artwork has now been released for home platforms. Updated and remastered with new, original dream footage, the project stands as a milestone in the search to expand the boundaries of what game experiences may communicate through their game mechanics and world design. 

Bill Viola and USC Game Innovation Lab – The Night Journey