Exhibition 2024


1 – 4 February 2024

Imagine: a word that evokes imagination, creativity, and limitless possibilities.

This edition of Rotterdam Photo focuses on the theme ‘Imagine‘ and invites photographers and artists to question and transform our world’s perception with their imagination.

This theme raises the following questions: How does our imagination influence our reality? What possibilities do we find when we open ourselves up to new ideas? What is the role of photography in shaping our understanding of the world around us?

In today’s complex society, we need the imagination more than ever. It can serve as a tool of hope and positivity. Whether that entails the creation of innovative solutions or the stimulation of dialogue on cultural and social issues. It is the creative expressions that often act as a catalyst for change. In moments of uncertainty, turmoil, and chaos, art reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the ability to transform the current situation.

© Nivard Thoes – A Broken Seal on a Tin of Meat

As we make our way through the complex dynamics of today’s world, Rotterdam Photo makes space for a platform where imagination, innovation, and critical thinking come together. This year’s edition offers a unique opportunity to dive into the boundless world of imagination. The festival promises to be an absolutely unforgettable experience for photography enthusiasts and anyone looking for new perspectives.

The theme ‘Imagine‘ challenges photographers to go beyond reality and let their imagination run wild – beyond the known boundaries and limitations. Several modern photographers have already embraced this concept. They explore diverse angles such as surrealism, portrait and landscape photography, and the romanticization of the everyday.

© Michelle Blancke – Secret Garden

The Rotterdam Photo offers viewers the chance to explore a variety of photographic works from around the world, all united under the theme ‘Imagine‘. In submitted works, we see a recurring element of imagination and fantasy, where photographers create new worlds, realities, and stories. Therefore, the theme ‘Imagine’ not only means an artistic concept but is an invitation to give free rein to our own thoughts and associations while viewing these fascinating images.