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Marleen Dalhuijsen

Wander through the here and now

As an image creator, I explore transformations. From the transformations I encounter in my own life to the transformations I discover and harness during various creative processes.

Transformations take place in the liminal phase, a transitional phase between one form and another. In the in-between, no one knows what they will find on the other side. The human brain is programmed to seek safety and security. Because the liminal phase is fraught with uncertainty, it can feel uncomfortable, a phase to hurry through as quickly as we can.

However, the liminal phase is just as much a phase of growth and transformation. A place of reflection, rest, stillness and silence. I seek to capture that stillness in my creations by shooting landscapes, nature scenes and self-portraits.

I experiment with various shapes, methods and processes, imbuing every image with its own unique form. My work encourages wandering and invites viewers to embrace the present, where there is nowhere to be and nowhere to go.

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Rotterdam Photo

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