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Yumo Wu

The Transparency Photography  

‘The Transparency Photography’ investigates concepts within the realm of photography by dissecting and fragmenting them, and then reassembling the pieces. This series draws inspiration from an observation of the world outside a window – where the horizon extends as far as the eye can see. The external scenery  at that moment coincided across different times and spaces with the historical first photograph, ‘View from the Window at Le Gras.’ 

Initially, photography struggled to be recognizable due to technological limitations, unable to objectively present the seen objects clearly. The lens could not replicate and reproduce what was seen before the eyes; instead, it transformed the physical light into the photographic light’s contours, leaving an impression of elements within photography and the medium. As technology evolved, breaking the inherent flaws within the medium, an intuitive freedom emerged in representing images. The interaction between us and the images became more agile. This shift gave new meaning to the forms of representation, preserving, in a different way, the once indiscernible entities within photography. 

I use ‘transparency’ as a metaphor to signify the less-representation of photography generated in the process, rejecting narrative-driven photography. I aim to assert a proposition: to concretize the challenges of observing photography, leading to a lesser representation of it. This series accentuates the internal rhythm of images and sensory experiences, fostering a continuous confrontation between the surface of the image and the process of observation.

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