Rotterdam Photo

Agostinho José (Tito Barrios)

Non-lieux Non-StoP

Subway and train stations are places of passage rooted in the way of life of the contemporary metropolis, where repetition makes some tasks nearly automatic, and the pace is so fast that it almost alienates people from their surroundings. In the dominant paradigm, it would be ideal if it were non-stop.

If we ignore the vicinity, we don’t notice the people around us or what impact our actions have on them. We don’t develop a sense of belonging or even community… a place that could enhance unlikely encounters, coincidences, or opportunities becomes a non-liex.

Thus, we temporarily become shadows of what we could be. This series questions the perpetuation of routine through dynamic scenes, rich in movement and potential tension, agents of change prevented from exercising their capacity due to immobility, continually repeating patterns and gestures.

Rewinding the film while exposed to light forces a connection between elements that would otherwise be isolated and separated by the frames. The result is a single image, where 12 to 36 exposures were usually expected, representing the reverberations of waiting and acting, imagining a world where repetition is evident to the point where the need for change becomes visually difficult to ignore.

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Rotterdam Photo

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