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Public transport

From Central Station:

1. Tram 23,24 direction: Holy, stop: Marconiplein


Parkeergarage Bigshops

Vierhavensstraat 56, 3029 BG Rotterdam

Exhibitions on this location:

Our immersive exhibition explores the connection between memory and sensory experiences. Step into a captivating space where textures and images create a tapestry of beautiful moments.

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Looking to relight life’s candle, Pip Maarschalk’s work vividly captures the journey toward intimacy, safety, and self-love. Fragments of her struggle are paired with compelling pictures, visualizing how she’s fighting her insecurities on the road to finding the light within herself

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The road to this feeling of home, may it be physical or emotional can be bumpy. Full of friction and self-destruction but motivated by a future of freedom and sanity.

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Embrace the allure of MADADAM, where art transcends boundaries, and each image tells a unique story of a city reflected in the shimmering waters.

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Her work stands out due to her unique approach to everyday scenes and her ability to integrate abstraction into ordinary situations, exuding a sense of restraint and subtlety.

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