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Luchandro Franca, David Kulev and Malou Moy – WdKA

Invited young collective: WdKA – Willem de Kooning Academy  

We are a collective of passionate artists, studying photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Featuring Milo van Riet, Pip Maarschalk, Elin van den Putte, David Kulev, Luchandro Franca, Malou Moy, Jeff Chang, and Rijk Willem.

We invite you to delve into the narratives we’ve woven within our three containers. Within each container you’ll discover a different visual world on the subjects of:

Firstly, contemporary love: where intimacy, exes, and digital affection are visualized. Secondly, home(lessness): here you’ll look at ways physical and emotional homes are captured.
And thirdly, memories: where you step into a captivating space where textures and images create a tapestry of beautiful moments.

As the new generation of Rotterdam artists, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this visual journey.

Luchandro Franca, David Kulev and Malou Moy

Aren’t we all looking for the feeling of home?
A place so free, that you can completely be, without any strings attached. Where you are being accepted and cared for, seen and looked after. The road to this feeling of home, may it be physical or emotional can be bumpy. Full of friction and self-destruction but motivated by a future of freedom and sanity. 

Luchandro Franca focuses on the physical forms of home. He does this by visualizing his safe spaces. He works with different art forms including fabrics and handwritten text. Luchandro purposely removes himself in his images, making space for you, the viewer to position yourself in his position.

David Kulev and Malou Moy investigate the emotional aspects of the home. David visualizes the need to free up the deep and often oppressed emotions we as humans experience. Going there and acknowledging those brings him to the core of his being. Making it possible for new air to flow and transformation to take place.

Malou takes you on her search for a home and the constant self-communication that comes with it. She visualized her inner dance that, at times, can feel like a battle against and with herself. She self-portraited the longing and anxiety for this feeling of home, this feeling of peace. Malou works with moving materials since this dance is in constant movement.

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Instagram: @milo_vr, @davidakulev, @pipmaarschalk, @rijkwillem, @luchandofranca, @jeffsfilm, @floorvdven

Rotterdam Photo

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