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Milo van Riet, Pip Maarschalk, Elin van den Putte – WdKA

Invited young collective: WdKA – Willem de Kooning Academy 

We are a collective of passionate artists, studying photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Featuring Milo van Riet, Pip Maarschalk, Elin van den Putte, David Kulev, Luchandro Franca, Malou Moy, Jeff Chang, and Rijk Willem.

We invite you to delve into the narratives we’ve woven within our three containers. Within each container you’ll discover a different visual world on the subjects of:

Firstly, contemporary love: where intimacy, exes, and digital affection are visualized. Secondly, home(lessness): here you’ll look at ways physical and emotional homes are captured.
And thirdly, memories: where you step into a captivating space where textures and images create a tapestry of beautiful moments.

As the new generation of Rotterdam artists, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this visual journey.

Milo van Riet, Pip Maarschalk, Elin van den Putte

In this container, three young artists put love in a contemporary light.

Looking to relight life’s candle, Pip Maarschalk’s work vividly captures the journey toward intimacy, safety, and self-love. Fragments of her struggle are paired with compelling pictures, visualizing how she’s fighting her insecurities on the road to finding the light within herself.

Elin van den Putte has a somewhat different approach to reigniting some of her life’s dimmed candles. With her work, she hopes to find clarity by literally reenacting Marital scenes with her exes. Is it them, dating apps, or is she personally responsible for her romantic misfortunes?

Luckily, life offers not just a few candles to light. In fact, with the rise of the internet, thousands are on offer. In “love_5773”, Milo van Riet offers a glimpse into the world of online affection, in which chats and nudes are so quantitively consumable they almost surpass their physical forms. Have these digital echoes of physical intimacies become equivalent to love?

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