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Julia M. Free


Julia Marina Free (Netherlands, 1991) is a photographer and filmmaker active in both Belgium and the Netherlands. An overview of her body of work titled “Brussels-Paris” making its debut at the Rotterdam Photo Festival 2024. In her work, she captures scenes of current affairs, exploring underrepresented voices in various layers of society. Weaving a tapestry of stories that offer ambiguous narrative suggestions and blurred lines between fiction and reality.

Her work extends to various social justice issues, capturing social and political movements, conflicts, and human rights issues. Key themes such as identity, diversity, community, and social change resonate prominently, taking centre stage in her narrative and becoming a visual commentary on the complexities of the human experience. 

Her work stands out due to her unique approach to everyday scenes and her ability to integrate abstraction into ordinary situations, exuding a sense of restraint and subtlety.

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Rotterdam Photo

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