Rotterdam Photo

Willem Gerritsen


Objects with abstract qualities, particularly details of ships, were photographed in the ports of Rotterdam. The deconditioning of the usual logical-rational interpretation of the ship as a logistical and technical object opens the view to an emotional narrative about sailing, grazing, and colliding, reflected in the ship’s hull.

From this perspective, the ports become a gallery where ships, adorned with paintings of shapes, colors, dents, rust, welds, and rivets, exhibit their stories. These “paintings” are the source and inspiration for this exhibition. The sometimes extensive digital manipulation of the original photos into painterly abstractions aims to enhance the emotional aspect of these stories and their imagination, mindful of Albert Einstein, who is said to have once stated: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Each photo is released only once, making it as unique as a traditional painting. No release of copies or series. Hence: photopaintings.

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Rotterdam Photo

Vierhavensstraat 56, 3029 BG Rotterdam