Rotterdam Photo

Vivian Ammerlaan

The Landscape I Know

Since the early 2020s, I have been searching for the representation of the sea, which comes together in the series ‘The landscape I know’. Because memories of and experiences in this place vary widely, I have created images from different angles and experimented with techniques. The result is a collection of works that are about calm, beauty and silence, but also mystery and fear.

It is a series within a longer running project called ‘Waanplekken’. With Waanplekken, I am looking for ways to give image to overwhelming nature and the sublime: the feeling of awe and fear. It is about everything that cannot be captured in words or images because it is of enormous and eternal beauty, and can therefore be frightening.

To give image to things that can’t be put into image, is impossible. Somehow this inspires me to make work about these things, knowing it is doomed to fail. With materials, I try to create impressions of landscapes and elements.

There is a paradox in creating wilderness and untouched places with my own hands. I believe that without this, my work would not exist. It underlines the inability of portraying this subject.


Instagram: @vivian_ammerlaan

Rotterdam Photo

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