Rotterdam Photo

Inna Pachkina


This project represents transition and transformation. A constant flow of changes is inevitable. The boundaries between different dimensions are beginning to blur, turning the past and the future into a harmonious union. Reality is intertwined with the realm of imagination, where the line between what is real and what is unreal is dissipated. There is nothing right or wrong, there is only the magic of one moment where you look at what you see.

Through the prism of artistic expression, this project conveys the constantly evolving nature of life, combining the secrets of imagination and fragments of the memory of the universe, inspiring viewers to dare to dream and show their own unique realities.

Going on this journey, the viewer is invited to explore their own subconscious, becoming a co-author and hero of the project.

By reviving the paintings, creating a movement and continuation in them, reincarnated into the essence of their own fantasy and going inside the picture, the viewer becomes part of a surreal performance.

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Rotterdam Photo

Vierhavensstraat 56, 3029 BG Rotterdam