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Daniel Orlando


Auseklis is the morning star and deity of the dawn in latvian mythology. Inspired by the snow and sunrises in Riga, the project titled Auseklis is a short story about imagination, seeing the stars, dreaming, and re-creating glimpses of myths and legends.

“If you find some rocks on Friday in the winter season, they are possibly covered with ancient texts of people who daydreamed… A rabbit lost in the big city carries the messages of meeting the trees of the forest.A bird flies over the dreams.The new world has created a new world. The golden city is given to the fake prophets. Auskelis has fled from the noise of the nightmares and is waiting, in the darkness, for a sign to make his appearance in the skyline…”

Residency Project at International Summer School of Photography , Riga Latvia

Digital Photography, 2022

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