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Robbe Maes & Reynout Dekimpe

Welcome to “Fieldkapelle”  

The work shows the result of a collaboration between filmmaker Robbe Maes and theater director Reynout Dekimpe. Self-made miniatures served as a model for a semi-fictional world.  

The artwork shows a village in the 1990s. A collection of still lives show a scenery of faded glory.  The artists named their village “Veldkapelle”. This town is a historically independent municipality  with only 934 inhabitants. It enjoys modest tourism through scenic cycle paths and authentic  bars. When welcoming foreigners to their town, the (fictional) inhabitants tend to loosely translated their hometown as “Fieldkapelle”.  

The village seems immune to the fast-changing times. The photos show enigmatic scenes that  invite personal interpretation. Small details add a humorous touch. The images take us back to  collective memories. It’s an ode to the childhood of millennials. A time when your family’s holiday  started with hours of driving along paved roads and numerous detours due to a wrongly read  road-map. 

The optical illusions which a diorama evokes is an artisan way of taking the viewer into a  cinematic universe. The photographs present a challenge to look at reality differently, to question  our changing landscape and architecture, to view the world from imagination

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