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Rianne Tegelaar

The call of the jackdaw

Somewhere in our childhood, we undergo a pivotal shift in our perception. Suddenly, our role transitions from participant to observer in the world around us.

As we age, we adopt a more observational and analytical stance. ‘The Call of the Jackdaw’ explores this transition. The project emerges from a longing for a lost connection with our surroundings, a childlike unity untouched by the shadows of adulthood.

The series presents a poetic journey where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Here, the desire for authenticity and connection with the essence of life takes center stage.The series reveals reveals a deeply hidden forest where humans, animals, and nature blend in a miraculous way—a place existing rather in the imagination than on a map.

The title whispers through the series like a secret password, opening the door to this forest. It leads to a place that brings us closer to the core of an untouched, genuine world. What remains is merely a memory. An echo of a bygone time.

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Rotterdam Photo

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