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Mariëlle Gebben

I bring you The Flux

Mariëlle Gebben explores what it means to be part of the greater whole and imagines being able to go straight through time, place, and matter. On these mental journeys, she moves from visible reality and discards all non-essential information. From that abstract level, she tries to get a grip on the truth and envision a future that is softer, smoother, and more peaceful than the present. She is sensing a perfect world: The Flux.

Mariëlle holds a master’s degree in Art and Art Management from the University of Groningen and graduated with honors from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. The infinite is what intrigues her and she feels close to adventurers, painters, and scientists. In her studio and exhibitions, she uses paper, water, ink, wax, paint, light, and reflection to explore the boundaries between imagination and reality. Her conviction is that the more we know, the less we understand.

Here at Rotterdam Photo, she shows a selection from her latest projects: The Unseen Imagines Itself and The Painters in Me.

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Instagram: @mrllmrll

Rotterdam Photo

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