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Patrick Hudepohl


My work is about masculinity and becoming an adult. In particular, I focus on the consequences of that development being disrupted, if fitting in, apparently so important, isn’t a matter of course. How does such a break from the norm influence one’s view of the world, one’s sense of identity and masculinity, one’s place in society?

Is it possible to make those consequences visible through portraits, especially when, to the outside world, all appears to be well? 

In my work, I explore the complexity of my own masculinity. For this series, I have created self-portraits and stills, using analog photography because it results in fragile, tangible images. It also provides an opportunity to disrupt the development process of the film, lending a degree of uncertainty to the final result.

Continuing this long-term project, I would like to meet other people with the same or a similar condition, hear their stories and create portraits, resulting in a more diverse view on this topic.

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Rotterdam Photo

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