Rotterdam Photo

Nivard Thoes

A Broken Seal on a Tin of Meat

(Extra Medium Unwell) 

“A Broken Seal on a Tin of Meat” is an ongoing series of photographic mixed media works exploring themes of the human condition, visualising the increasing immersion into the virtual world and reflecting the dominance of the digital in today’s reality. 

Through a combination of photography, photocopies, virtual reality avatars, and hand-painted surfaces, the photomontages in this series delve into the growing immersion into the digital domain that dominates our reality. Featuring disproportionate figures, faces, and objects of physical mutation, the compositions are created by tearing up photographs and prints to create new imagery from fragments that are manipulated, copied and pasted, layer upon layer, and finally fused with encaustic. 

The collage-based artworks distort and reconfigure elements from both the physical and virtual world, recreating narratives and cultivating new meanings. They are an attempt to reimagine a more profound digital self, challenging us to reflect on how it influences and shapes our understanding of who we are and how we navigate the complexities of the human experience. It accentuates the fragility and transience of life and is an act of appropriating and rearranging the existing world.

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Rotterdam Photo

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