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Mikołaj Tomczak

Where I come from there is no grass

(Digital photography, archives, 2023)

Daria, 41, underwent surgery to implant a floppy disk in her brain, which, connected to nerves, analyses the mind to protect some data from being lost. Unfortunately, there were side effects probably caused by short-circuits in the disk, resulting in erroneous nerve impulses. Scientists have developed an experimental intravenous therapy that, combined with behavioural therapy, has a good chance of success, according to the study, but for now 

Daria has problems recognizing reality and herself from the past. Her memory is bubbling, there are logical errors, and the present is combined with fear coming from oblivion. Daria has a chance to recover within a few years, but unfortunately most doctors doubt a complete recovery, and psychologists say she will never again return to her pre-surgery mental capacity.

While working on the material I did not use the help of AI, but tried to step into the role of an error maker in reality. The story never happened, I created it inspired by working with Daria and talking about the impact of AI and future changes in reality. I tried to reflect her point of view and combine it with my reflections.

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Rotterdam Photo

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