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Annemarie Hoogwoud

Look as slowly as you can

Annemarie Hoogwoud sees that we live in such a hectic and fast-paced world that we hardly take the time to observe and absorb anything properly. We are already busy with the next thing without paying attention to our surroundings.

With her camera Annemarie takes the time to look differently, be able to see more and thus connect with the landscape. Thanks to this process she creates an abstraction from reality. Because only there you feel the simplicity, the layering and wonder that are the essence of her work.

That’s what this series of images is about: walking the path of slowness.

What happens when we take as much time as possible to observe what unfolds in front of us? By allowing slowness, we live fully in the present, which in essence is the only time we have. 

Slowness lets your mind wander, makes you curious and unveils what you didn’t see before. Slowing down gives space to our imagination.

After all, life is not what we live, it’s what we imagine we are living.
And for that, it helps to look as slowly as you can.

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Rotterdam Photo

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