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Annemarie Hoogwoud

Annemarie Hoogwoud’s passion for photography started when she was 15. In those early years, Hoogwoud was mainly concerned with recording the design of the landscape. She photographed from the outside in with an accurate portrayal of what she saw as a goal. Gradually that started to change and she started shooting more and more from the inside out, using the landscape as a means of expressing how she sees and feels about it. The pure beauty of the landscape, its essence, its potential for abstraction and its poetic sides has been her inspirations ever since.

This creates images that show a different view of the landscape: images that ask you to reflect upon. Hoogwoud uses light, color and composition in such a way that emotion, softness and aesthetics coincide and the beauty of the mundane unfolds naturally. 

In a sometimes hectic, restless and harsh world, Hoogwoud hopes that her images inspire you to take a quiet moment to reflect on what you see and evoke an emotion. By taking the time you will see more and look differently.


Instagram: @annemariehoogwoud

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Rotterdam Photo

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