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Michelle Blancke

Secret Garden

Nature is a sanctuary. Immersed in the natural world, we experience a pure force. It brings us in touch with something larger. We might even catch a glimpse of the essence of our existence. For me, being in nature opens me up to the mysteries of life. Wandering thought-free, I become aware of the energy in the trees, the waters, and even in the rocks. An energy in myself awakens as well, and unexplored parts of myself come to light. I find an opening to a hidden world, beyond the visible. A Secret Garden.

Using photographic techniques I give form to my vision of the world around me. I remove context and intensify with composition, framing, and color in a way that resembles a painting. It seems as though the images continue beyond what can be seen in the photo. The result is an abstract reality, with a sense of looking at something familiar in a new way.

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Rotterdam Photo

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