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Aga Piasecka

Constructed Landscapes

Constructed Landscapes is a collection of images made by using the Polaroid transfer method, each of which is a testimony to the beauty of nature and analog photography. In this series, the artist skillfully captures the essence of the landscape using instant photography, giving it a dreamlike character. 

Thanks to the delicate transfer process, the images acquire a unique, ethereal character, creating a space where the boundary between memory, reality and imagination blurs. The imperfections of matter, unpredictable color changes and slight distortions that characterize emulsion transfers become integral elements of the final composition. Constructed landscapes is a project that was started during the pandemic. Unable to leave the house and take photos, the artist began experimenting with Polaroids, which did not turn out as well as she would have liked. Using her failed photos, she creates a “collage” by manipulating emulsion. These landscapes transport the viewer to places both known and imagined.

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