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Maan Limburg

The Lost World / My AI Dreams

“The Lost World” will take you on a journey through the magically desolate places of Japan. Almost 8,5 million houses stand abandoned and even in the municipality of Tokyo, one in ten houses is empty. This was unimaginable for the Dutch photographer Maan Limburg. She was so fascinated she spent months in these locations.

Limburg captured these deserted places in intimate photographs. Her keen eye allows her to go way beyond the urban exploring genre and shows you the rich stories and human details of these locations. CNN Travel: “The Lost World is more than just a photo book – it’s an homage to the country she loves and respects.”

“My AI Dreams” is a visual exploration of artists & AI. After creating a fashion series with AI and getting raving reviews, Limburg got curious about what she and her team would add when creating this series in real life. Above all, she was curious what her public would value: human involvement, creativity, or just pretty images. With AI creating beautiful things so easily, what do artists still add?

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