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Maximilian Gottwald

Asian Dusk – The Empire of Light

In my long-term project “Asian Dusk – the Empire of Light” I document cityscapes and impressions of Asian metropolises. The fast economic, political, and demographic growth in Asia is rapidly changing these urban landscapes. Condensation transforms them into dystopias. the excessive use of artificial light, the light pollution, even sometimes makes the night look like day. Especially this impressive interaction of natural light and artificial light in twilight and night shots fascinates me very much. 

I try to get a certain order from the urban landscapes, which never come to rest, through the composition of light, color, surface, and lines. The human element is often implied in my pictures, but the human being is not visible.

This also underlines the anonymity that prevails in large cities. visiting an Asian city is an overwhelming experience that engages all of the senses. In a search for a suitable location, I let myself be driven by the smells and noises of the urban jungle, with the intention of transforming the hectic and chaos into an aesthetic calm and balance.

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Rotterdam Photo

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