Rotterdam Photo

Jane van Bostelen

Bee’s Eye View

A Glimpse into an Extraordinary Journey of Imagination through the lens of a bee. Inspired by the spring blooms in the Netherlands, these images encourage you to see the hidden forms and captivating beauty of nature up close. 

As we consider the profound significance of bees in our world, ‘Bee’s Eye View’ invites us not only to admire and appreciate the elegant lines and delicate curves of flower petals but also to immerse ourselves in the intricate details and shapes that elude the unaided eye. 

Let your imagination take flight and discover the magic of how a bee sees.

“I thoroughly enjoy capturing the intricate details of flowers and plants. I do this by merging shallow depth of field and graphic compositions to create close-up, minimal abstract images. The idea of photographing the exquisite beauty of tiny details and magnifying it in large prints fascinates me.”

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Rotterdam Photo

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