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Karolina Maria Dudek

The Future Tales 

The Future Tales offers a futuristic perspective, depicting a world where once groundbreaking technologies like cyborgs and quantum robotics are now relegated to the past. Quantum technology, initially introduced by humans, is now extracted as fossil fuels, and the first cyborg model, now reduced to a skull with a functioning implant, continues to record data.

This evolved world introduces novel technologies envisioning a coexistence of cybernetic organisms, blending biology and AI, with extraterrestrial beings. Stemming from a fascination with technology-human integration for enhanced capabilities and space exploration, The photographic portrayal illustrates a world entwined with disappearing natural habitats, emphasising the profound connection between technological growth and its environmental impact. 

The entanglement of past and present is evident in the fusion of cyborgs and quantum robotics with historical development. The extraction of quantum technology as fossil fuels exemplifies the interweaving of futuristic concepts with conventional resource-based technologies, revealing the interconnectedness of the future with remnants of its technological past. Ethical concerns arising from the coexistence of humans and cybernetic organisms underscore the complex relationship between technological advancement and ethical considerations, deeply intertwined with progress. The narrative further emphasises the interconnectedness of various aspects within this future world, suggesting that technology’s growth bears consequences for the natural world.

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