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Daura Campos

Once Upon a Pink Moon

I defy traditional artmaking and social conservatism through dissident bodies of work. I explore brokenness and healing through caring destruction, creating photographic work that pushes against assumptions of representation and is free to express itself through abstraction. I create artwork where each piece is a testament to its resilience: my images are survivors.

When creating with a camera, my paint and canvas are local ingredients and 35mm film. I photograph a variety of surfaces, spaces, and faces and then treat my negatives with regional recipes and local materials, viscerally bonding what was exposed to where it was captured. 

The pandemic made me question the relationship between home and safety: While quarantining offered protection from COVID-19, it led to a surge in domestic violence in Brazil. With this project, I aimed to create a realm without it, in solidarity with fellow survivors. The images are of my home’s walls, made with 35mm film eroded by Brazilian spices. Amorphous bodies and dreamlike landscapes emerged, a new realm born from deterioration, under shades of pink.

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Rotterdam Photo

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