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Michelle Maicher


“I remember standing in front of his casket, saying ‘Paperle, wake up. Paperle, wake up.’ He didn’t open his eyes. I was mad.”

The term ‘transgenerational trauma’ is used to refer to the generally subconscious transmission of traumatic experiences to subsequent generations and to society. People in the next generation find themselves showing the symptoms of trauma without having experienced the trauma themselves.

The Photography project ‘Inheritance‘ aims to contribute to a broader understanding of the intricate bonds within families affected by transgenerational trauma. Imagine how different your life would be if certain events didn’t happen in your parents’ lives, your grandparents’ lives… It’s a thought that can create a million different realities, a thought that can be frightening with the endless possibilities it entails.

The images presented reflect on personal stories of trauma in my family’s life — stories that have been buried for decades, paired with blurry memories. By shedding light on the complexities of these relationships, the project seeks to foster and encourage conversations, and to reflect upon the ways in which family histories might impact present realities.

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Rotterdam Photo

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