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Isabella Melis

Heavy Hearts

The issues of insecurity occupy a whole generation. A world in which things are not getting better but worse every day. A constant race against things that you can’t fight alone.

There is always the possibility of being confronted with everything that can weaken you. Being confronted with everything that can go wrong, but on the other hand, hope and unprecedented possibilities. An uncertain future, and heavy hearts.

Never before have there been so many possibilities; never before could it be so easy.

However, many opportunities imply at least as many chances to fail. The pressure on young people to achieve greatness, to be significant, and to leave a legacy has never been greater.

With this project, the artist tries to reflect the feelings of her generation. A generation that cries out for self-realisation. A generation that is brave enough to be themselves and to push boundaries. Boundaries of freedom and love for oneself.

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Rotterdam Photo

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