Rotterdam Photo

Hilde Maassen

Clouds revealed, in dialogue with the photographic medium

What once started with performing a rain dance has grown into influencing, manipulating the weather by making it rain at desired times. Clouds are fascinating. They have a romantic, dreamy appearance but can also be terrifying and threatening. Clouds are indeterminate, have no specific location, and are in constant motion.

Do you realize the clouds have changed? Six out of ten cloud families may be man-made or altered. Aircraft and industry are examples. Clouds seem to move toward the poles and higher in the atmosphere. This way clouds cool the earth less than before. Without clouds, the earth will be 8 to 10 degrees warmer. 

Are clouds in danger of extinction? Recent research has shown that if the CO2 content is too high, clouds can dissolve completely. Scientists are investigating whether it is possible to make clouds to cool the earth with them.

Hilde Maassen creates clouds based on the invisible information recorded in the photo. Her work is playful and experimental. This results in images, minimalist music, 3D-printed clay vases, cloud maps and augmented reality experiences.


Instagram: @hildemaassen

Watch here a presentation during the Adobe MAX (to be seen on demand)

Rotterdam Photo

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