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Gaspard de Gouges

Imaginary Mediterranean: A Journey Beyond Borders

My project transfers me to the Mediterranean dream, recreated through unique settings inspired by my travels through the countries around the Mediterranean. Through carefully designed settings based on models and a unique specular process, I bring fictional seascapes to life. The staging à la Meliès is a manual work similar to the work of the painter who thinks about the tool, the color, the materiality, and the composition.

The use of the mirror in my creative process is not trivial. Its reflection evokes the ephemeral nature of human existence and the world “here below”. There is an effect of reality in the artificial paradises that I create from scratch in an artisanal way in a world where digital artifacts dominate. I tinker in my garden workshop, in natural light, with a “magical” device that brings a miniature scenography into dialogue with a piece of blue sky “taken from life” and offers us the possibility of embarking, like Ulysses, on adventures imaginaries that I hold out to us.

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Rotterdam Photo

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