Rotterdam Photo

Claude Corbier

Raw pictures

My way of doing things is perpetual improvisation like a jazz musician.

“I was born in the south of France in 1954. I’ve been an artist since 1978, when I met the people who made movida known, in Barcelona, Spain. I was an experimental musician. From this time, I have been a photographer and a periodist, and at last, I worked on communication for business and politics. During these years, I continued my artistic career, producing exhibitions and artistic residencies in France, Spain, Germany, and Morocco.

After a lot of experiences and subjects, I work today with my photographs on the computer, then I print them on fine art papers, before painting some parts with ink, acrylic, pastel, Stabilo… So, all my pictures are original and unique in each size. I don’t work on a theme, it’s my way of working which is my conductive line. “

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Rotterdam Photo

Vierhavensstraat 56, 3029 BG Rotterdam