Rotterdam Photo

Flore De Wachter

Inbetween Moments

Somewhere in between is where the most beautiful things happen. When the sun is just about to emerge or when someone doesn’t notice that they are being observed. It’s in those moments that I see colours, shapes, or contradictions with sharp clarity. Almost not quite becoming just right. A glance turns into an eye-moment, a body into a composition of lines. In the emptiness, I find simplicity and intimacy. It’s not just a creation, but above all, a connection.

I draw inspiration from the everyday, seeking beauty in the commonplace and the mundane.

My work is a canvas upon which I encourage viewers to craft their own narratives. It’s not about my story but the stories you create as you gaze upon my images. In this way, the story takes a backseat to the visual language I’m shaping.

Humanity plays a central role in my work. My photographs almost invariably feature people. I find the human aspect to be powerful.

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Rotterdam Photo

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