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Evgenii Petrushanskii

Les Aventures singulières

The project is a mix of several photographic series in the framework of a broader lifelong project, which I am still undertaking. Unique people with their unique history and stories are dramatic, funny, and deep. A unique journey through their lives, and a lonely journey of my own, where our paths are crossed and bring in a precious moment of creation – photography which is going to remain forever. 

Photography remains to me as a waltz and poetry, the ocean and the prose, kindness, a lonely journey and silence, a woman’s hand to hold, mountain peaks and lava heat, the wind, a painting, sculpture, cinematography, therapy, freedom, and love.

These photographs are about the sense of heart.

Being a devoted documentary photographer and visual anthropologist imposes certain conditions on the lifestyle and general “household” routine. As soon as the photographer ignites his photographic “deus ex”, images and objects, people, or sceneries dictate a photographer’s path. When the photographer accepts the conditions and proceeds to that path resistance less, the most beautiful, natural, and overwhelming result appears in an outcome.

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Rotterdam Photo

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