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Daniela Rivera Antara

Silence of Dawn

“To migrate is like the silence I hear when I can’t sleep at dawn. That silence when you know the sun is rising, but cannot see it yet, and you are waiting for light in the middle of the darkness.” 

Yenifer Duran, 20

Silence of Dawn documents the memories, objects and spaces of Venezuelan women migrants in Lima, Peru within their often transient spaces. From a t-shirt as a reminder of mum, a physical scar with the words that had become ingrained in their skin to experiences turned into sleepless nights.

In Peru, Venezuelan women experience criminalizing xenophobia differently to men. Men are stereotyped as murderers and thieves while women as potential sex-workers and without many skills. This has casted women into informal, precarious, feminized and racialized work. Many work informal jobs and are paid below minimum wage ($250/month).

Around 6 million Venezuelans have been displaced worldwide with 5 million living in Latin America. Peru is the second country with the highest migrant population after Colombia. In Peru most migrants are women and under 30 (UNHCR). Despite UN suggestions, Venezuelans are not considered refugees and Peru only grants special residence permits for health conditions such as HIV. 


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Rotterdam Photo

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