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Won Kim

When Won Kim was a little boy, he liked to hide in quiet, isolated areas. It could be under a desk, in a corner of the balcony, or just in a closet. Whenever he occupied these small, private spaces, it gave him a feeling of profound security.

The images in Places to Hide are in part his way of remembering this feeling. Won Kim thinks the feeling he experienced has something in common with the homing instinct that pulls animals such as birds or fish back to their home territories. Unlike animals, though, human beings have no such places other than the womb itself. In his view, humans long for something like the womb—a place that provides a comfortable, quiet, and safe environment.

In Places to Hide, his intent is to make visible this wish by placing nude figures in small, enclosed spaces throughout the urban landscape. The figures are curled up, suggesting the way a fetus occupies its mother’s womb.


Instagram: @w0n_k1m

Rotterdam Photo

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