Group Exhibition, Transitions.

6 – 27 November 2021

The Perth Centre for Photography and Rotterdam Photo is pleased to present TRANSITIONS, a collaborative international group exhibition featuring work from the Rotterdam Photo Festival (Luuk Smits, Otto Snoek, Perrine Philomeen), First Nations artists from the Exposure Collective, and Perth artist May Bluebell.

Transition through concepts of the 21st century, where regression and progression come to a head. Transition through the resilience of First Nations Australians, countering historical misrepresentation and reclaiming their narrative through photographic practice. Transition through notions of time and geographical significance, with an exploration of space, place, and memory.

Rotterdam Photo’s theme of the year for 2020 was TRANSITIONS. The world has reached a historical turning point: see the rise of populism, Brexit, the Trump era and all the (humanitarian) crises that have emerged from that. The near future is uncertain. These crises, or better: transitions, will form the red line of Rotterdam Photo in 2020. Transitions as processes or periods of change from one condition to the next, call out to reflect. In our society, we see transitions of all sorts, gender transitions to energy transitions.

The Perth Center for Photography was established in 1992 as the Photography Gallery of WA. They offer an environment that promotes an understanding and appreciation of contemporary photographic practices. PCP has developed a range of initiatives, including competitive awards, and a broad and engaging education and outreach program aimed at supporting photographers who wish to expand their practice.

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