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William Vickers

Future Paradise & Apocalypse Dreams

Future Paradise & Apocalypse Dreams is an ongoing photo-collage and photo-manipulation project, which explores visual imagination, memories and dreams with a utopic/apocalyptic lens.

Will mixes a broad range of locations and settings together to mimic the mind’s natural pattern of blending and altering visual memories when dreaming. The result is a series of “dreamed landscapes”: surreal artworks created out of shots taken over the last seven years on 35mm. By using exclusively his own photos the project functions as a personal exploration into visual memory, while scientific understandings of imagination and dreams remain limited.

Each artwork may feature a combination of three broad themes, but usually has a specific emphasis.

Dream Logic takes inspiration from how the sleeping mind will recreate different settings from memories, mixing the look of one place with the feelings of another, but refashions them in unreal yet convincing ways.

Paradises From the Future is a utopic imagining of the world, blending positive aspects of civilization with the grand serenity of nature, hinting at post-apocalyptic paradise. 

Apocalypse Dreams is informed by the suggestion that: if the end of the world came, it would probably look pretty. These emphasise togetherness and beauty in the face of destruction.

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Rotterdam Photo

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