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Nick Verhaeghe

Herbarium Fotografica

Nick Verhaeghe strives to grasp the fleeting and ephemeral by capturing it in a photographic image. He does not use conventional products for the development of his pictures, but makes his own developers from elements that have a relationship with the depicted. Often these are plants. In this way, he gives nature the chance to add something tangible to the image.

It results in unexpected and striking effects that seem to open up a universe parallel to the real world. A world of organic imagination that embraces imperfections and uses nature as a guide. Nick Verhaeghe’s work is an invitation to awaken in each of us the childlike resistance to the usual and to continue exploring and experimenting throughout our lives.

In this series he continues his research towards the transient beauty of these parallel universes by cataloging light, constructing and deconstructing his work to its essence.

Instagram: @nick.verhaeghe



Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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