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Damian Noszkowicz


When Damian came to Paris from Poland at 22, without any knowledge of French and having grown up in a village far removed from the cultural buzz of a metropolis, he soon sought to find his way and define his identity as an artist.

In 2020 when the pandemic struck and he wasn’t able to work, he used his free time to go through his personal archive, which included not only a wealth of photographs but also the poems that he had been writing since he was 13 and he discovered between his poetry and photos a common thread that had hitherto escaped him.

And this is how GOSSAMER was born, a project assembling photographs and poems that illustrate his world before the pandemic and reflect his emotions triggered by the beauty of the male body, the austere landscapes, the images of his home country that haunted his youth, some specific moments of his new life in Paris or scenes of nature that remain printed on his retina. GOSSAMER is thus a visual and poetic memoir of an artist in his twenties on the road to discovering his artistic voice and identity.

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