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Matilde Lazzari

One more hour

“I don’t wish you all sorts of gifts.

I just wish you, what most people don’t have:

I wish you the time to be happy and to laugh

and if you use it, you can make something out of it. (…)

I wish you the time – not to pass just like that.

I wish you the time to reach for the stars,

and the time to grow, that means to mature. (…)

I wish you the time to find yourself,

to see the happiness in each day and each hour”

– Elli Michler

‘One more hour’ represents my personal attempt to stop the passing of time. I’ve always been afraid of the passage of time, but above all of what it takes away with it. Moments that, however daily, are substantially unrepeatable. Time passes so quickly and while we try to live and understand the present, it has already passed.

Therefore, I tried to build a diary of simple and ordinary moments of my days, finding full awareness of what is important to me and how ephemeral all of this is.

‘One more hour’ is an ode to my friends, my family, and all that time with them has given me and continues to give me. These are the photographs I needed.


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