Rotterdam Photo

Brenda Vonk Noordegraaf

Still Lifes

Brenda’s still lifes are an ode to the beautiful and essential things in life, such as nature, art, and cultural diversity. They depict a universe full of color, beauty, and harmony, delivering a message to cherish these elements. Brenda draws inspiration from the splendid use of light and color in 17th-century paintings and the theme of the vanitas still life. Many of her artworks not only showcase beauty and strength but also reflect the passage of time and vulnerability.

In the project “Manhattan Aan De Maas”, Brenda, along with Dennis Duinker, questions Rotterdam’s nickname and explores its similarities with New York City. Thirty photo pairs from both cities are compiled in the third revised edition of the book that emerged from this project. “Manhattan Aan De Maas” delves into the aesthetics of a metropolis and the dream and ambition of being like its big brother, New York.

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Rotterdam Photo

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