The roots of power

Exhibition in collaboration with the Covid Photo Museum.

18 – 22 May 2022.

Rotterdam Photo 2022 in collaboration with The Covid Photo Museum 

This year, replying to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Rotterdam Photo is happy to announce the collaboration with The Covid Photo Museum, the world’s first virtual museum dedicated to the curation of photography captured during the COVID-19 pandemic. A photograph has a unique ability to capture moods, emotions, narratives, ideas, and different types of messages. 

The result of our collaboration will be the exhibition during the Rotterdam Photo 2022 XL, as well as some short documentaries (‘Deep stories’), created together with photographers from different parts of the globe.

 This collaboration aims to unite some personal stories, some events documentation, the courage of people on the frontline, desperation, fear, and uncertainty of people who faced the pandemic. It shows the importance of human connections, the universality of our feelings and nature we all share nowadays no matter where we live. The invisible threat crossed thousands of personal borders, splitting millions of families over the world. The limited human interaction on every level forces you to appreciate even more what we have, share the moments of joy, peacefulness, and hope with our beloved. 

You can find more information about The Covid Photo Museum here.

© Iris Ipstein / Selected Photographer The Roots of  Power