Rotterdam Photo

Théo Scherer

La Dérive des Roses 

‘La Dérive des Roses’ (in English, ‘Roses Adrift’) is a series of photographs I composed while dealing with sorrow. It seems increasingly difficult to remain positive while tackling personal issues, especially during this period of extensive collective crises.  

Optimism sometimes feels like a luxury I can’t afford. How can we grow closer to each other, reintroduce core values of love and care? Where do we go from here? How can we progress towards peace and solidarity? 

Fortunately, photography became a means to recenter my attention on immediate  surroundings and revive feelings of discovery. This exploration allowed me to reinfuse a  sense of personal emancipation in a tense and frustrating societal climate. Camera in hand, I rediscovered color in an ever grimmer and more unsentimental urban environment. 

Through the act of photography, I began to sooth this deep yearning for gentleness, romance and poetry. These little fragmentary views serve as a reminder that within callous cities remains the hope of beautiful encounters.

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Rotterdam Photo

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