Rotterdam Photo

Jasper Letschert

There are images and poems about things that we do not want, but we still get them anyway. Plastic, cardboard, paper – usually they are meaningless, cast aside carelessly. They pushed away, moving our attention to what is wrapped inside them. But now there is a shift in the balance of our attention.

The project Carrying the weight by photographer Jasper Letschert, displayed in a suitcase, shows a landscape passing by. The suitcase has seen landscapes made out of plastic, paper through a window of a train. Do these materials carry the distance they traveled within themselves? A journey you set in motion by concrete blocks. The project is made with 4 cello-improvisations by Joris van Haaften.


Instagram: @jasper_letschert

Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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