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Claudia Orsetti

Of the Land and Us: cartography of oblivion

Humans, us, we have been altering our land ever since: in tangible, evident ways, building our cities, and in all sorts of invisible ways, which are directly related to it. All the marks we produce on the territory in order to support our lifestyle made of an immense number of goods are somehow outside of our daily experience: although we are theoretically aware, we are also somehow oblivious.

The aim of Claudia Orsetti project was to build a database connecting our most basic habits, our most used tools, to the signs they produce on the territory, not only from the environmental point of view, but also from the physical one. The deep, engraved man made traces we leave on earth are the visible manifestation of our activity as humans and its consequences. Combining images of everyday goods and photos of the land altered by their production or their use, the project celebrates a clash between beauty and urgency: it tries to generate attraction through a soft visual aesthetic and a dialogue through a series of data presented in a graphical form, urging us to reconsider our own habits, our real needs, in the end, our relationship with the earth. After all, nature and human are two inseparable realms.


Instagram: @claudia_orsetti_photography

Rotterdam Photo

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