Rotterdam Photo Fair 2022 XL

Alessandro Celante

IMPERMANENT MASKS “To the dead who still live and can be awakened.”

“In the past, they granted existence and perpetuated permanence, supplanting and circumventing death as vestiges of legacies punctuated by representations of the existence of the human double, which transcended the body. Image reliquaries stimulated the accumulation of absence transfigured into presence. But the modern palimpsest tried to transform everything into contradictions and volatilized the liquefaction traces of ephemeral cultures, which no longer managed to define us, let alone leave some kind of memory. We are our own vestiges wandering through impermanent avatars who superficially clothe us with a thin, ever-changing cultural skin. Ephemeris in search of meaning”.

Alessandro Celante


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Rotterdam Photo Fair 2022 XL

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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