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Susan Madsen

A true story

H.C. Andersen: “Anything you look at can become an adventure, and anything you touch can be made into a story!”

In a complex world that every day is becoming more complicated, the tendency to take refuge in details could be a symptom of being overwhelmed. Within a photographic rectangle, we have the opportunity to invent a new reality full of imagination, questions, messages, and auto fictional narratives.

The exhibited photos are a view of my photo experiment on social media “Eine wahre Geschichte” (A true story). 

Uploading a photograph to social media platforms every day is part of everyday cultural practice for many people. It is rare to discover images that will be remembered. My intention is to invite the viewer to take a closer look, to invent their own personal story about the pictures, and to decelerate a medium that is dominated by superficiality and fast consumption.

I am thrilled that, curiously, nobody ever asked about the “true story” behind the pictures. So, an algorithmically controlled marketplace becomes a place of exchange.

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Susan Madsen, A true Story

Rotterdam Photo

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