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Justyna Gostkiewicz


Embark on a journey through the diversity of Earth in Justlandia, meticulously crafted by the creative spirit of justnago (Justyna Gostkiewicz). This art project unfolds across diverse lands like Iceland, Thailand, Poland, and beyond, continually expanding to embrace additional countries and unique ecosystems. It’s more than capturing nature; it’s like assembling a puzzle where seemingly unrelated elements harmoniously coexist, forming an interdependent whole. 

Justlandia goes beyond being a visual feast—it’s an emotional project. Each piece reflects feelings, experiences, and the cycle of life. The preparation for photos involves a months-long cognitive journey in specific locations, filled with incredible encounters, conversations, and festive moments with local residents.

Justnago, proudly neurodivergent and bisexual, champions diversity in all its forms, a theme resonating in her tales that prompt us to rediscover our connection with the planet and embrace our inner child. Immersed in the company of Earth’s flora and fauna, Justnago captures their essence amidst sun, water, and fresh air. The photographs’ composition was not altered – all elements are real, but the rest is up to your imagination. Through “Justlandia,” the artist invites us to savor the beauty of ecosystems, reminding us of the interconnected strength and inspiration found in diversity.

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Rotterdam Photo

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